Into the Okavango

"Journey to Africa in this beautifully photographed book.  A great coffee-table book!"


"Into the Okavango's romantic view of the animals' perilous Eden -- lions, cheetahs, leopards at odds with impala, zebras -- brings to life Africa's fast-vanishing ecosystem."

                                        --Fresh Voices Books Awards
                                           Writer's Marketing Association

"This is the most beautiful book I've seen at the show."


--Alan Canton, CEO, Adams-Blake Company.
   New York Book Expo



Come with us and take the journey of a lifetime...

  • Step into a thirty-year-old Cessna, drag race through the skies over Botswana, and land on a dirt runway with an elephant herd in your way.  You win!
  • Drive off the road into the bush and come face to face with lions who walk so close to your open Land Rover you could touch them.
  • Sleep in primitive huts with spiders the size of half-dollars on the wall and shower in rough-hewn cement stalls, again with those deadly spiders crawling and jumping the walls.
  • Photograph the elusive leopard who would rather be left alone in her clandestine majesty.
  • Watch of the drama of four male lions as they fight for the same bone...and female.
  • Contemplate the maternal magnificence of a herd of elephants bathing and protecting their young along the Chobe.

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Travel by plane, boat, canoe, and Land Rover to the remote campsites of Savuti, Khwai, Chobe, Hwange, and Lake Kariba.

  • Helicopter over the wonder of Victoria Falls and feel for a moment like an astronaut viewing God's splendor.
  • Canoe down the dangerous Zambezi and consider yourself lucky if neither the hippopotamuses capsize you nor the crocodiles snatch you from the bow.  If those two don't get you, should you fall in the water, the parasites will.  You will die in two weeks.
  • Visit a private camp near Hwange and listen to hyenas laugh not far from your tent.
  • Meet Ma, the little impala found in the bush, her mother killed by lions.  She sleeps outside your tent because she likes you.
  • Take a boat safari on Lake Kariba, pull within five feet of a herd of Cape buffalo and find Egyptian geese, spoonbills, storks, and herons resting on tiny safe-haven islands.
  • Helicopter round Cape Point--the end of Africa--and thrill to the danger of surviving high velocity winds, while spying on whales mating in the waters below.

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These aventures and more await you as you visit Africa through the adventures of the poet and her husband.  There is more...

  • Take a heart of darkness journey with the poet to the painful secrets of her childhood.
  • Face the sadness and experience a catharsis on the other side of tragedy--and joy in the triumph of conquering life-long demons. 
  • Find yourself braver and wiser for the journey of it all!

In short, this poetry-photography collection about Africa's animals explores an autobiographical epiphany and functions as an eclectic travel guide as well.  If you love adventure, the lure of undiscover'd country, the face of death, you will like the purposely simple, fast-reading, revelatory poems—creative memories—and find two journeys worth your taking.

If you like this book, consider giving it as a gift to your friends and family.  Please pass along word of this beautiful pictorial art.  It is being sold by person-to person recommendations.  It is also being distributed by Baker & Taylor, Inc. and is available to order from your local bookstores.  Discount rates are available through this site or by calling Burgoyne and Burgoyne, Publishers at 1-877-278-8977. 

                                                                                             Marianne Harding Burgoyne

"This book is a Bentley!"

--Gentleman at Los Angeles Festival of Books