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Marianne Harding Burgoyne
Author / Primary Photographer
Born in Hayden, Colorado, Marianne Harding Burgoyne was  was graduated from Rowland Hall-St. Marks, an Episcopal boarding school in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She received her bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University and then taught English in Salt Lake public schools for seven years.  She  received her master's degree from the University of Utah, also completing her Ph.D. course work there in British literature.  While studying, she taught on assistantship and fellowship five and one-half years and was one of three fellowship winners of the Clarice Short Teaching Award her first year as a fellow.  Over the past twenty-one years, she has published poetry; magazine articles, principally for Utah Holiday (1987-1992); and with her husband, professional articles in medicine and psychiatry.  Their most successful collaboration is a study on Shakespeare and Genestics entitled Shakespeare and the Genetics of Being (1994). 

Ms. Burgoyne is the recipient of a Governor's Media Award for reporting on women's issues and the Utah Psychiatric Association's Annual Media Award for promoting public awareness of mental health issues.  She has written a novel, which remains unpublished.  Other publications include chapters in two books published by Utah State University Press: Worth Their Salt, Too (2000) and Brigham Young's Homes (2002), nominated for the Utah Book Award.


Currently, Ms. Burgoyne serves as president of her small publishing company, Burgoyne and Burgoyne, Publishers, founded in 2004, and dedicated to producing art (illustrated) and nature (photography) books.  Her book Into the Okavango: The Africa Poems and Photographs (2005) has placed as winner and/or finalist in three national book competitions:



ForeWord Magazine's "2005 Book of the Year Awards:"

            Finalist:  Nature


Fresh Voices "2006 Book Awards:"

            Winner:  Environment/Ecology/Nature

            Winner:  Animals/Pets

            Finalist:  Photography "Best Books 2005 Awards:"

            Finalist: Environment/Ecology/Nature

            Finalist: Gift Book

            Finalist: Photography


Writing about and photographing African animals have been highlights of Ms. Burgoyne's career.  She loves animals, especially cats, and uses the relative pronoun who or whom instead of which when referring to them because they demonstrate intelligence and emotions.   She hopes to tour other African countries besides South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe to continue her study of Africa's wildlife.  She is currently at work on her next book, Which Way is Paradise? to be published in 2009.


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