Into the Okavango

The Africa Poems and Photographs

 Into the Okavango

The African Poems and Photographs

Author: Marianne Harding Burgoyne

Photographers: Marianne Harding Burgoyne

                         Robert H. Burgoyne, M.D.


ISBN: 0-9742183-0-8


Publication Date: April 18, 2005

216 pages

Price: $69.99

Dimensions: 12 3/8 x 13 3/8 x 1

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Come take an African safari with us!


Exquisitely photographed, Into the Okavango is a ninety-two poem, five-hundred photograph memoir about Africa's animals, taking its readers on twenty-three days of safaris through Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.  As the safaris get more dangerous, the camps more remote, the poet embarks on a darker, shadow journey to the painful secrets of her childhood, not often visited.  Rounding Cape Point by helicopter proves to be a triumphant catharsis for the poet.  Readers who love adventure, the lure of undiscover'd country, the face of death will like the purposely simple, fast-reading, revelatory poems—creative memories—and find two journeys worth their taking.


Fresh Voices "2006 Book Awards:" Winner and Finalist

Winner: Animals/Pets; Winner: Environment/Ecology/Nature; Finalist: Photography


ForeWord Magazine's "2005 Book of the Year Awards:" Finalist: Nature "Best Books 2005" Awards: Finalist

Finalist: Environment/Ecology/Nature; Gift Books; Photography


"Journey to Africa in this beautifully photographed book.  A great coffee-table book!" 


"This book is a Bentley! "                                                      —Gentleman, LA Times Festival of Books

"This is the most beautiful book I've seen at the show."   

—Alan Canton, CEO Adams-Blake; BEA      


Marketing:  Into the Okavango will be on display at the American Library Association in New Orleans, LA, June 24-27, 2006. 

Premium sale prices are available to museums, zoo gift shops, and African travel agencies.


Marianne Harding Burgoyne, M.A., University of Utah, has published poems, articles, and chapters in Brigham Young's Homes (2002) and Worth Their Salt, Too (2000), both by Utah State University Press. Robert H. Burgoyne, M.D., Cornell, is a retired psychiatrist, having practiced medicine 54 ½ years.